humax                 sat-dish
Humax VAST box with 1TB HD (for recording 1 channel while watching another), satellite and cabling fully installed from $900

altech uec 4121 rv                  sat-dish
Altec VAST box (no HD), satellite and cabling fully installed
from $850

lp-45 digital antenna – high quality french constructed antenna built specially for Australian TV specifications with strong signal reception, installed and tuned using latest digital spectrum analyser for best signal from $160

Computer service/ maintenance from $75Computer-wwwWeb hosting
1 Gigabyte of web space, 1 Gigabyte of bandwidth per month
$220 per year
Domain name setup
web url with extension and 2 years registration for $130
re-registration every 2 years after that is $75
contact us for web design information or any other enquiries.